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Mohamed Fawzy aka FAWZY is a professional progressive and uplifting producer from Alexandria Egypt, since 2017 is music has been played by some of the world's biggest festivals and venues like UMF, Nature One, Luminosity Beach Festival, Ministry of Sound and many morHe releases on major trance labels such as armada music armada music, FSOE, Blackhole Recordings, Interplay, Suanda, Enhanced Abora and many more. I am supported by the likes of Armin van Buuren, Daniel Kandi, Roger Shah, Aly & Fila, Sean Tyas, Andrew Rayel, MIKE Push, Woody van Eyden, Alex Morph, Solarstone, Roman Messer, Alexander Popov, Photographer, JES, DJ Feel, Paul van Dyk and so many others. He is now a partner of Nashwa Music and promises some quality releases in the near future!


Kinngs 🇲🇽

Gabriel Reyes Jiménez, who leads as alias "Kinngs" DJ & Trance music producer, Originally from Mexico City, Mexico, began in the world of music at the young age of 15, as a DJ, playing at local parties in his community, began production of his first track at the age of 16.


Calvin O'Commor 🇵🇱

Mariuz Ostrowski is a Dj and Producer from Poland. He started his first release and music career in 2017. Charm of love was his first release courtesy of Trans Original Records. Now he has more then 62 released music from different record label around the world.

Calvin O'Commor

Henry Caster 🇲🇽

Enrique Morales Montes de Oca  A.K.A Henry Caster was born in Mexico City in 1998... Henry begins his taste for electronic music since he was 10, from his early age he was interested in the sounds like trance and house ,Influenced by producers like Jean-Michel Jarre,Markus Schulz , Armin van Buuren among others.His productions transcend the traditional dance music divisions and have been taken to another level, His Tracks has been played by biggest artist like : Sanani, Hushrov Bhesania,Artento Divini , Roberh Grob , Tom and Collins Among Others. His first productions were characterized to have a tendency towards the trance until he stored evolving his beats to take an inclination towards tech house and progressive trance.At The moment it works , with one of the best labels In the electronic music like: - Nashwand Music, Ozran Records, Yeiskomp Records,Ultima Audio,Progressive Vibes and Many More

Henry Caster

Sanani 🇺🇦

Sanani (Pavlo Popyk) is a Ukrainian musician, drummer, DJ and sound producer who works in the Trance style.Support: Ori Uplift, Oliver Cattley, Rydex, Marcell Stone, Kayan Code, DreamLife, Victor Special, Blue Serigala, Andrea Mazza, T.F.F. Greg Dusten, Marco Mc Neil, W!SS, Ash K & Junior, Grande Piano, District 5, Joe Cormack and more..and Recordings, Redux Recordings, Aural Sonic, #We Are Trance, Inspectrum Recordings, Tecnomind Music, Yeiskomp Records, Liberty Music Records, Appointed Recordings, D.MAX Recordings, Alveda Music.


Bella Andalusia 🇲🇾

Bella Andalusia is a talented musician from Malaysia. Stay tuned on her next release. 

Bella Andalusia

CarHer 🇲🇽

CarHer is a Mexican Dj and Producer, Where the melodies of trance take over your heart, It is a way in which I try to express my songs, always with joy and love so that anyone who listen can travel to a happy moment in their life.


Bobby Janpho 🇹🇭

Robert Kostecki, better known as Dj Bobby Johnpo displays a passion for uplifting and progressive trance music.
Part of a growing generation Djs that combine classic with a new releases, Bobby Johnpo is always happy to promote the genre around the world, residing in Thailand, Bobby Johnpo helps promote local events to any enthusiastic trance community. Starting of as a local radio Dj at Reyrson University in Toronto, Bobby Johnpo quickly grew popularity for mixing and mashup on the fly that were new fusion of trance music.Growing up Bobby Johnpo began his journey playing at local club, underground parties and even make it onto the main stage at the guvernment (8th place in Dj Mags top 100 club list, 2008) Then upon graduating and pursuing a full time career outside of music. Bobby Johnpo traveled the world promoting trance music further in Switzerland, France and even Bhutan under a different alias.
Settling in Thailand Bobby Johnpo is reigniting his love for trance music and wants the world to enjoy its hypnotic baseline, uplifting melodies and pure harmonic vocals. as the future unfold, Bobby Johnpo will continue to bring you quality dance music that the genre has to offer.

Bobby Johnpo

Polzn Bladz 🇬🇧

Polzn Bladz (Robert & Maxim Hatt) are a UK father & son trance duo that started releasing trance music in 2021. 
After djing & listening to trance music for over 20 years Robert's main ambition in life was to learn how to make the music himself. In late 2019 he set out to learn as much as he could about music production whilst enrolling his 10 year old son at the time with piano lessons.
Robert's ear for trance music and Maxim's piano ability gels together to make our own style of uplifting & driving trance music.
With many releases coming  in 2022 we are delighted to be featured on Nashwa Records

Polzn Bladz

Mhammed El Alami 🇲🇦

Mhammed El Alami is synonymous of distinction and music quality, he is the most younger talent producer from Morocco, born in Rabat and started to produce at the age of 14, always influenced by the big ones of the genre like Armin van Buuren and others. His first works were published under the aka A.L.A.M.I, in this epoch the whole force and musical class that this young producer was possessing was very clear, he was not late very much in being supported by one of the well-known trance labels, Abora Recordings; and from some of its main artists. Currently, Mhammed continues showing all his big talent with his productions in some of the most important labels of the moment like Armada (Armada, FSOE, Statement!, Garuda), Future Sound of Egypt (FSOE Fables, FSOE Parallels), Enhanced (Always Alive, Digital Society), Black Hole (Flashover, Nocturnal Knights, AVA White, Universal Nation), Raz Nitzan (Amsterdam Trance), Interplay, Vandit, Suanda and many more. It's necessary to emphasize collaborations with artists of the height of Alex M.O.R.P.H., Steve Dekay, Daniel Kandi, Cold Rush and many more. Since 2014, Mhammed’s music has been played on Tomorrowland, ASOT and FSOE festivals to name a few, also with countless radio support from Armin van Buuren, Aly & Fila and Paul van Dyk. He's also been featured in Above & Beyond's Group Therapy and supported by Trance legends like Gareth Emery, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz and Orjan Nilsen.

Mhammed El Alami

Jake Hanker 🇪🇸 

Jake hanker is a producer and dj of trance music and is supported by great artists.

Jake Hanker

Filalete 🇬🇪

Filalete is Tbilisi Based Music Producer/Composer/DJ. 
Real name Irakli Bakuradze.
Resident DJ at Famous Club Basseini. 
Years active 2014 – present... 
Instruments : keyboard.synthesiser. Drum Machine. Fieldrecordings. 
Corporis Mysterium Lable Founder and Owner. 
Supported by: Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Nicole Moudaber, Paco Osuna, Carl Cox, Ilario Alicante, Dennis Cruz and More... 
it seems everybody needs a bit of the Filaletes sound in their DJ sets.


Christophe Quinlivan-Hunt 🇬🇧

Introducing the Rt Honourable Christophe Quinlivan-Hunt, Minister for Trance and Techno in Her Majesty's Government. Christophe hails from Sheffield, UK; the epicentre of modern trance and spiritual home to Gatecrasher. Artist, hedonist, spiritualist, vinylist — Christophe proudly represents Steel City music heritage and pushes it to new creative heights. Renowned for his ability to completely remix and mash-up tracks live and on the fly with his customised Traktor S8 mixer and two Traktor 2D's combo, Christophe has been gaining traction in Sheffield and beyond. His high-octane live sets fuse contemporary releases with classics and little-known gems from his collection. As a resident DJ for Experience Trance & Underground Kollektiv, Christophe hosts a popular show The Department for Trance and Techno which showcases upcoming DJ producers and established names including Danilo Ercole & Steve Dekay. At Experience Trance, he joins a roster of emerging trance and techno DJs and producers. Recent highlights include winning the opportunity to perform live at the UK BPM DJ show 2021 and a debut mix on the virtual rave island of Nowhere World. The Minister is working hard for you in the department's studio, producing uplifting trance. He has recently unveiled four Boris smashing mixes that would make Guy Fawkes green with envy… with past and forth coming releases on Infected Digital, Nashwa Music & Radiation Recordings.Want your crowds’ feet to be itching to dance? Then vote for the Minister and he shall deliver as per his manifesto promise.

Christophe Quinlivan-Hunt

Camilo López 🇨🇴

Camilo López, Colombian Dj / Producer was born on March 7, 1996 in Filandia Quindio, since his childhood he has shown a great interest in electronic music, which led him to experience the sounds of Trance at the age of 13, being Tijs Michiel Verwest (Tiësto) with its sounds from 2003 and 2004 is responsible for this. At age 14 empirically, he began his career as a DJ implementing various software and audio editors. At the age of 17 he decided to release his first Trance production "Camilo Lopez - Universal Imagination", from there he dedicated himself to producing and mixing this genre, also implementing sounds of Progressive Trance and Uplifting.
Some of his productions are:
'Desire' [Brimotek Music] - Trance'Dulcinea' [Brimotek Music] - Trance'Timeless' [Battlefront Records] - Trance'Way to Heaven' [Battlefront Records] - Progressive Trance
Among others ...

Camilo López

40Thava 🇮🇹

40Thavha real name Riccardo Tavarelli, born in Loano on 24 July 1973 in the province of Savona, Italy in the Liguria regionembarks on a musical career starting as a ghost producer with the name Gotham Bros in 1998, has the honor of producing the remix of Robert Miles , Children but before the one with the current name he has the opportunity to remix the famous songStrange made in 1994 for Interfront, he has a long period of inactivity until 2014 where he meets a Ligurian producer and talent scout member of the 90s dance group Humanize, where he discovers many talents, including a very famous Italian rapper "M. Pisciottu"the genre that favors 40Thavha and uplifting Trance with various romantic and sad melodies, works on daw and virtual synthesizers and composer and author he really likes to collaborate with various artists and various labels of the Trance genre, he was also a member of Humanize, currently active with various trance projects

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