Send Your Demo 

For Now Nashwa Music will only sign trance music, Due to the extremely high amount of demos we receive, we follow a strict A&R protocol. Please read the following instructions when sending us your music:

- If your demo isn’t downloadable, we won’t be able to add it to our A&R folder and we would be unable to consider your track for signing. If your link isn’t a downloadable link, please activate the download and re-send your email.
- Please only use Dropbox or a downloadable private Soundcloud link. Links with a date that expires such as WeTransfer may not get downloaded before the link expires.
- Please label your mp3 or WAV file with your full artist name and title so we know who we are listening to and can reply to you. If you haven’t done this, please re-send your promo with the correct label details.
- Please send your demo to
- We are unable to give feedback on any demos we aren’t signing due to the high volume we receive, but we endeavour to reply to everyone. 
- Despite the high volume, we do listen to everything we are sent. If you are unsuccessful with your demo, please do keep sending us your music!