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Discover Nashwa Music New Release by Singaporean Producer Habashi

Updated: May 21

Allow us to take you on a journey into the world of Nashwa Music, an exquisite new release from Singapore based DJ/producer Habashi. His composition, “Enchanted Love," captures a magical and soul-stirring soundscape, achieving the perfect balance between melodic vibes and head-nodding rhythms. With each listen you'll discover something new; like hidden depths in the percussion or subtle nuances in the arrangement  making this song timelessly captivating!

The track is driven by Habashi's signature pounding electronic beats which have become synonymous with his production style. Alongside the beats are sharp and beautifully composed harmonies that create a dynamic atmosphere perfect for both relaxed listening or reveling in the nightlife!

We promise that this 6-minute ride will take you to places you’ve never been before where clarity of emotion is as electrifying and transformative as the beat itself. From start to finish, Habashi crafts a beautiful sonic experience that encapsulates the beauty and power of love. The melodic influences of emotional uplifting trance combined with catchy rhythms and captivating vocals keep you in a trance like state of euphoria.

Meet The Singaporean Producer And DJ Habashi

The 31-year-old music producer is also the owner of Nashwa Music Pte. Ltd., The Singapore based record company has signed over 20 talented producers around the world, and recently released their 50th track, titled ‘Enchanted Love’.

The track comes with original compositions that Habashi wrote himself for the women that brought him into this world. This track was dedicated specially to his mother, together celebrating International Mother's Day 2023.

As the producer says, the track is a mix of dreamy ambiance, soulful rhythms and powerful healing energy that make for an epic electronic musical journey. With his unique imagination to feel and write a powerful melody that will make you feel emotionally uplift.

The Musical Influences and Style of Habashi’s Production

Habashi's style of production has been heavily influenced by his Middle Eastern roots. He loves to experiment with Yemeni oriental sound on his production. His previous tracks, "I Am King, Orientalism, Christine and The Pyramid” contains traditional Arabic instruments and textures that will boost your emotional stability.

Habashi’s sound is also defined by his use of intricate rhythms and melodies combined with heavy bass lines that provide a distinct edge to each track. Whether it’s smooth melodic synthesizer or punchy bass lines combined with subtle vocal samples, each track is unique in its own right.

What sets Habashi apart from other producers is his ability to consistently use mesmeric elements as well as vocal samples in his tracks that add an extra level of texture and emotional depth. There's something special in every one of his records which makes them all unique, yet still allowing his trademark sound to shine through perfectly on each one.

Habashi does things differently with his music, and his latest release is no exception. With Enchanted Love, Habashi has created an uplifting and energizing sound, one that combines old-school vibes with modern production techniques. His goal? To capture the energy of music, and to create something that will make you feel alive.

Where You Can Listen to “Enchanted Love” and Habashi’s Other Tracks

You can find “Enchanted Love” and Habashi’s other tracks through a wide range of online streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music. In addition, you can even purchase the single or its accompanying EP via popular digital music stores such as Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp and Amazon Music.

If you're looking for some inspiring electronica music that has soulful vibes than Nashwa Music & Habashi should be your go-to stop! Their infectious beats will make you forget the worries of the world for a while, and just enjoy the moment. So if you're looking for something fresh and exciting, then make sure to check out Nashwa Music new release "Enchanted Love" by Singaporean producer Habashi!

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