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Producer James Black Presents Drops New Trance Track "Familiar Feelings"

Nashwa Music presents the latest track from renowned UK-based DJ/producer James Black Presents, titled "Familiar Feelings" is set to be released on 22 may 2023. This atmospheric single is a thoughtful yet uplifting track that utilises its slow-building chords and melodies to create a sense of soaring emotion.

The track is an uplifting and emotive affair that conjures up a sense of nostalgia and familiarity with its bright synth sounds and thunderous drums. The distinct melodic lines create a meditative atmosphere that make it perfect for taking you away from everyday cares and worries.

This unique and uplifting track takes you on a sonic journey with its powerful basslines and synths. The combination of sounds creates a mesmerising atmosphere that is sure to transport you into a state of complete euphoria.

Together, these elements coalesce to form a trance masterpiece that captures both energy and emotion in equal measure. With its intricate melodies, dynamic sounds, and familiar emotions, James Black Presents' "Familiar Feelings" is sure to be an instant hit with dance music fans everywhere.

The song begins with an intro full of energy that gradually builds up into an infectious drop that will have your feet moving and body swaying to its captivating beat. The chorus is sure to stay stuck in your head throughout the day, as its catchy melody and uplifting lyrics will have you feeling incredibly positive.

So put on your dancing shoes and join us for this vibrant journey through sound, with DJ/producer James Black Presents' amazing new trance track "Familiar Feelings". He used Logic Pro X as his Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) to create the track, providing a unique sound compared to other artists. With Logic Pro X, he was able to layer multiple instruments in key with one another, creating an intense combination of sounds that culminate together perfectly.

Overall, this unique combination of programmes provided James with enough control and flexibility to craft an awe-inspiring track that is sure to leave listeners wanting more!

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